Connecting schools to donate or request devices to aid COVID Learning

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Our Mission

We aim to pair privileged schools with an excess of devices with underprivileged schools with a lack of devices. This would bridge the education gap created by the COVID Crisis.

A device shortage

With schools online, poor students lack access to devices, while more privileged schools have thousands of idle devices.

Our Software

Our algorithm accounts for distance, device count, and other important factors to effectively pair schools for device sharing.

Our Unique Solution

Priveleged schools are willing to transfer their devices, but they currently have no avenue to do so. Our website provides the solution by facilitating this device transfer.

Personalized Planning

Once schools are paired, we personalize plans through an algorithm to share devices and allow for proper transfer and return.

Our Features and Process

A brief outline and description our of features, process, and solutions.

How schools connect with one another for device sharing

Our website allows for schools to either donate or request devices. Once this occurs, their information will be stored in the MongoDB database, which our algorithm constantly searches through to make effective pairings by leveraging Radar.io.

  • Form for both donating and requesting schools, uses Radar.io for location-based pairing
  • Algorithm is warm feeded, meaning it constantly attempts to make pairings through web deployment.

Once schools are paired, a plan is developed

This plan includes how many devices are to be shared, when the transfer will take place, how it will take place, and when the devices should be returned. Schools will be prompted to share contact information to put the transfer plan into place as fast as possible.

TecConnect is the ultimate solution for the educational struggles created by COVID-19

  • Swift and automated pairing between schools.
  • Information is stored and shared in the cloud effectively.
  • An effective plan is developed and students are once again able to learn properly without worries.

The Map

Below is a map of our participating schools, with a marker set for each school. Blue markers represent donor schools, while red markers represent recipient schools. Click on the marker to learn more about the school.

Submit a Report

Fill out a form with your school's general information and device count.

Your Pairing

This is your interface which displays the ideal pairing and the plan that has been developed based on each school's needs.

Please note the following cards are just an example of how pairings look, once you submit a report and get a personalized link, it will be updated.


Your Information:

Gilroy High School

School Email: vishraj55@gmail.com

School Address: 750 W 10th St, Gilroy, CA

Devices Type Available: Chromebooks

Number of Devices Needed: 1000


Your Match:

Saratoga High School

School Email: ayaanzhaque@gmail.com

School Address: 20300 Herriman Ave, Saratoga, CA

Devices Type Available: Chromebooks

Devices Available: 2600


Number of Devices to Share: 800

Type of Shared Device: Chromebooks

Distance Between Schools: 40.1 miles

Recommended Plan:

-Schools should contact each other ASAP to begin the transfer

-Both schools should have volunteers ready to pick up devices

Recommended Date: June 5th, 2020 -- June 10th, 2020

Confirm Pairing to Begin


TecConnect and device transfering is supported by Saratoga High School.


The Team

Ayaan Haque

Algorithm Developer, Fullstack

Viraaj Reddi

Backend, Fullstack

Adithya Peruvemba

UI/UX Developer, Fullstack

Sajiv Shah

UI Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs and concerns regarding our website and process

Why is the website necessary?

The website is key for optimizing the communcations process. Otherwise, schools would have to reach out themselves and find the ideal school, while our software can pair schools in an automated fashion.

How do you know if schools are on board?

We know schools are on board because we reached out to our own school and others and found that they are willing to share devices so long there is a swift outreach process.

How do we facilitate device return?

In the personalized plans, we set return dates that can be negotiated by the schools. Once COVID learning is over, schools would be notified through out website to begin the return phase.

What about after COVID?

Even after COVID, our website can still be useful. Students will still need access to devices and we could easily convert the website to allow donors donate money or devices to students who need it, as well as encouraging schools with unused devices to share.


Watch a youtube video containing the demo of our application.


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